110903 8eight at Etude Pink Play Concert @ Hakyeol Exhibition Center

                  credit: as tagged + 8eightinfinity@tumblr Lee Hyun – You Are The Best Of My Life this fancam is so sweet, with the fans singing along ❤  8eight – Close That Lip 8eight – Without A Heart Sweet Voice is awesome ;~; ❤  Advertisements

110625 Lee Hyun sings ‘Proposal’ with Wheesung and K.Will at K.Will’s My Heart Is Beating Concert

Lee Hyun and Wheesung joined K.Will at his My Heart Is Beating Concert and sung ‘Proposal’. The three showed off their friendship and how close they are with each other. They also showed off their powerful vocals and sweet harmonies. The three sung this song earlier in the year at Music Bank while they were … Continue reading

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