Homme at Gillette Fusion Proglide launch

credit: 8eightinfinity@tumblr + fyeahleechangmin Advertisements

August Updates!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating at all this month, school started last week and I’ve been busy. I’ll try to update as much as I can. I’ll just be posting all of  this month’s updates in this post. All images are clickable. 8eight’s schedule (August 23-27) 23 Aug Leehyun & Joohee – Radio: MBC … Continue reading

110728 Homme on SBS Radio 107.7 Cultwo Show

Check out Homme’s performance and talk on SBS Radio 107.7 Cultwo Show. Man Should Laugh I Was Able To Eat Well (video is out of sync) With other guests: JiSun and N-Train       credit: 2ODtv

110724 Homme on 1000 Song Challenge

Check out Homme’s cut on 1000 Song Challenge! credit: 2ODtv

110728-29 Homme ‘Man Should Laugh’ on M!Countdown + Comeback on Music Bank

Check out Homme’s performances from yesterday’s M!Countdown and today’s Music Bank! 🙂 110728 M!Countdown 110729 Comeback on Music Bank

110728 Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the 3rd week of July!

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. Check out the chart rankings for the 3rd week of July below! === Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking 1. miss A – “Goodbye Baby” – 81,411,730 Points … Continue reading

110728 Homme members show off their six-packs and reveal diet secrets

On the latest episode of ‘One Night TV Entertainment‘, Homme members Changmin and Lee Hyun revealed their diet and exercise secrets. They’re being lauded as the “abs duo”, and many are interested in learning how they’ve managed to obtain their muscular bodies. Changmin in particular showed off why he was nicknamed “Changmin Mommy” by demonstrating … Continue reading

110724 Homme makes a comeback on Inkigayo with “Man Should Laugh” + 8eight “Close That Lip” Goodbye Stage

Homme makes their second comeback with “Man Should Laugh” on today’s Inkigayo! Watch their fun and exciting stage below! Also, check out 8eight’s goodbye stage. 8eight – Close That Lip (Goodbye Stage)

110723 Homme makes a comeback on Music Core with “Man Should Laugh” + 8eight “Close That Lip” Goodbye Stage

Despite being a project group, Homme (2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun) had a spectacular run last summer with their debut song ‘Was Able To Eat Well’. Hoping for another hit, the group recently returned with ‘Man Should Laugh‘. Produced by hitman bang (Bang Shi Hyuk), the song is upbeat, but at the same time, … Continue reading

110721 Homme comeback on M!Countdown + ‘Man Should Laugh’ jacket photo shoot episode

Due to their great success last year with ‘I Was Able To Eat Well’, they are back with a new hit, ‘Man Should Laugh’. They released their single on July 19th and their music video on the 18th. Check out their performance below. Also check out the guys goofing off and taking their pictures for … Continue reading

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