110728 Gaon Chart releases chart rankings for the 3rd week of July!

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. Check out the chart rankings for the 3rd week of July below! === Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking 1. miss A – “Goodbye Baby” – 81,411,730 Points … Continue reading

110728 Homme members show off their six-packs and reveal diet secrets

On the latest episode of ‘One Night TV Entertainment‘, Homme members Changmin and Lee Hyun revealed their diet and exercise secrets. They’re being lauded as the “abs duo”, and many are interested in learning how they’ve managed to obtain their muscular bodies. Changmin in particular showed off why he was nicknamed “Changmin Mommy” by demonstrating … Continue reading

110717 8Eight’s Lee Hyun to enlist in the army next year

On July 17th, 8Eight’s Lee Hyun guested on SBS’s ‘Challenge 1000 Songs‘ and revealed that he was preparing to enlist in the army next year. With Lee Hyun making a comeback with Homme this month, MC Jang Yoon Jung asked, “Between being a soloist, a member of 8Eight, and a part of Homme, when do … Continue reading

Homme releases second teaser for “Man Should Laugh”

After announcing that they’d be reviving activities for their project duo, Homme, this month, 2AM’s Changmin and 8Eight’s Lee Hyun followed up with some concept photos and a music video teaser for “Man Should Laugh” this past week. Today, they’ve returned with yet another teaser featuring an intense fight scene between the two men. Since their … Continue reading

110711 Homme releases concept photos for upcoming album

Thanks to the past success of their single “Still Eating Well“, anticipation is high for Homme’s comeback next week. The duo (comprised of 8eight’s Lee Hyun and 2AM’s Changmin) released the concept photos for their new album yesterday. It’s reported that they’re going for a “resort” look, which apparently means that they’ve probably spent a lot of time in water for the photoshoot. … Continue reading

110710 8eight’s Lee Hyun & Joohee deny that they’re married

On July 9th, 8eight’s Lee Hyun and Joohee guested on MBC’s ‘Quiz That Changes the World‘ and clarified a rumor that claimed they were married. The two began, “We heard that there was a rumor about us being married with kids. Both of us aren’t married yet, actually.” To the amusement of the studio, they added, “Our relationship is like one of brothers.” MC Kim … Continue reading

110708 Homme perform together on Immortal Song 2

Homme (2AM’s Changmin & 8eight’s Lee Hyun) got together and performed on Immortal Song 2. Lee Hyun came to perform with Changmin and the two sang ‘Lying Down At The Sea‘; they did an excellent performance that really had the crowd cheering for them. The performance started off with both Changmin and Lee Hyun lying … Continue reading

110630 8eight receives recognition for their vocals

8eight recently received a “You Guys are Singers” award for their outstanding vocals! On June 29th, Lee Hyun tweeted a picture of 8eight receiving the award from songwriter Park Sun Joo, who composed their recent title song, “Close That Lip“.  The award reads, “The singer above demonstrated excellent recording skills under strict directing, and is … Continue reading

8eight successfully gets their pizzas after placing unique delivery call

Remember when 8eight made that hilarious singing order to Pizza Hut? On June 20th, member Lee Hyun tweeted, “They seemed to have seen our Pizza Hut UCC, and the pizza really came. We won’t have to worry about pizzas now. Thank you we’ll eat them well.” He also uploaded a picture of his group. In the … Continue reading

8eight reveals teaser for “Covering those Lips”

As 8eight prepares for their comeback next week, member Baek Chan decided to tease fans yesterday by releasing his self-composed song titled, “You are Amazing,” from 8eight’s upcoming album via digital download. Now, 8eight has released the MV teaser for their track, “Covering those Lips.” The teaser has a very powerful scene showing Noh Ji … Continue reading

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