Lee Hyun on Dream Team (Basketball Special) + ShimShimtapa

      110906 Lee Hyun on Shimshimtapa credit: 8eightinfinity@tumblr Advertisements

August Updates!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating at all this month, school started last week and I’ve been busy. I’ll try to update as much as I can. I’ll just be posting all of  this month’s updates in this post. All images are clickable. 8eight’s schedule (August 23-27) 23 Aug Leehyun & Joohee – Radio: MBC … Continue reading

110728 Homme on SBS Radio 107.7 Cultwo Show

Check out Homme’s performance and talk on SBS Radio 107.7 Cultwo Show. Man Should Laugh I Was Able To Eat Well (video is out of sync) With other guests: JiSun and N-Train       credit: 2ODtv

110726 Baekchan and Joohee on Shimshimtapa with Jungmo, Shindong & Gyuri

[PHOTOS] 110726 Baekchan and Joohee on Shimshimtapa with Jungmo, Shindong & Gyuri credit: fuckyeah8eight@tumblr

110719 Leehyun and Joohee at Shimshimtapa

  Leehyun and Joohee at Shimshimtapa (Gyuri & Shindong). As to why BaekChan wasn’t there, I have no idea. credit: http://fuckyeah8eight.tumblr.com/ re-upload: 8eightcafe    

110701 8eight on Sukira (Kiss the Radio)

8eight on Sukira (Kiss the Radio). Unfortunately I could not find any videos of when 8eight performed but here are some clips of them singing Happy Birthday to Leeteuk and the talk and picture taking at the end of the radio show. Singing Happy Birthday to Leeteuk. Lee Hyun starts off by talking about Leeteuk … Continue reading

110628 8eight on Starry Night Radio

8eight on Starry Night Radio with Big Mama Soul. The video doesn’t have the background music, so it sounds like they’re singing acapella, but they’re really not. You can really hear their powerful vocals in this video and 8eight really doesn’t disappoint when it comes to hitting the high notes and harmonizing. Check out their … Continue reading

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