8eight celebrate their 4th Anniversary + Joo Hee thanks fans.

8eight celebrate their 4th anniversary a little late. Their anniversary was on August 25. It’s already been 4 years since their debut and Joohee thanks the fans on twitter. joohee9: 너무늦었어요~고마워요고운음!!!! yfrog.com/h0pokbfj translation: It’s really late~ Thank you Sweet Voice!!!! joohee9: 한장더!!! yfrog.com/gzc20jamj translation: One more photo!!! credit: fuckyeah8eight@tumblr               Advertisements

August Updates!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating at all this month, school started last week and I’ve been busy. I’ll try to update as much as I can. I’ll just be posting all of  this month’s updates in this post. All images are clickable. 8eight’s schedule (August 23-27) 23 Aug Leehyun & Joohee – Radio: MBC … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 110703-15 8EIGHT Twitter updates

Hey guys I decided to post up 8eight’s twitter updates, translations or no translations. I’ll most likely be posting tweets with images. If I can find any translations, I’ll be sure to post them. Click on the images to make them bigger! 110703 Lee Hyun – thehyun11: 귀엽죠 ㅋㅋㅋ머리끈이래요^^ 110706 Baek Chan – 8EIGHTchan: 역시 … Continue reading

[TWITTER] 110711 Joohee receives a gift from Sweet Voice

고마워요 고운음!!!ㅜㅜ냠냠 translation: Thank you Sweet Voice!!! ㅜㅜ NyamNyam

110630-110701 Lee Hyun Twitter Updates

공포특급 ㅋㅋ이횬 translation: Horror Express ke ke Lee Hyun 이제 진짜 새벽이 아니면 운동할 짬이 나질 않는다 ㅜㅠ 간만에 운동 히유… PLEASE HELP US OUT AND APPLY TO BE A KOREAN TRANSLATOR/STAFF!

110630 8eight receives recognition for their vocals

8eight recently received a “You Guys are Singers” award for their outstanding vocals! On June 29th, Lee Hyun tweeted a picture of 8eight receiving the award from songwriter Park Sun Joo, who composed their recent title song, “Close That Lip“.  The award reads, “The singer above demonstrated excellent recording skills under strict directing, and is … Continue reading

Lee Hyun Twitter Update 110628

영스 디제이를 잠시 맡은 진운 창민 ㅋㅋㅋ 창민이와 저는 입술을 막는 새로운 방법을 고안했어요…이래도 되나 하하;;; Not exactly sure what it says and I can only translate bits and pieces of it. But with the help of google translate (lol) you might get a feel of what they’re trying to say. Google translate: Youngs DJ … Continue reading

Leehyun Twitter update 110626 + Official 8eight fanclub name + 8eight’s schedule (07/01-17)

뮤직비디오 현장 뒤늦게 공개!!! translation: Music Video BTS open!!! =========== 8eight’s Official Fandom Is… Sweet Voice! In Korean, it’s “고운음 (Go Oon Eum)”. =========== 8eight’s Schedule (1st July ~ 17 July) 1st July – 8PM KBS Sukira Kiss The Radio (Bora stream) 5th July & 12th July – 12:10AM MBC Shindong & Park Gyuri’s Shimshimtapa [Leehyun, Joohee] … Continue reading

One Way’s Chance tells you to show love to 8eight’s new song

One Way’s Chance tweeted a photo of 8eight’s 2nd mini album autographed to One Way. He tweeted with the message: 8eight! Look out for their new song!! “그 입술을 막아본다” 많이 사랑해주세요 에이트 화이팅~~! translation: 8eight! Look out for their new song!! “Covering Those Lips” Please show them lots of love. 8eight fighting~~! Do as … Continue reading

BaekChan replies back to us on twitter!

We replied to 8eight’s individual twitter accounts yesterday, with a little message telling them who we are and congratulated them on their comeback. We weren’t expecting a reply right away, but it seems that BaekChan checks his mentions often and he happened to see our tweet to him. BaekChan isn’t fluent in English but manages … Continue reading

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