111018 8eight – Close That Lip on Arirang’s Wave K

\ credit: arirangworld Advertisements

110924 Joohee on Immortal Song 2

Joohee singing Beauty on Immortal Song 2 credit: WooriLoori

110726 Baekchan and Joohee on Shimshimtapa with Jungmo, Shindong & Gyuri

[PHOTOS] 110726 Baekchan and Joohee on Shimshimtapa with Jungmo, Shindong & Gyuri credit: fuckyeah8eight@tumblr

110724 Homme makes a comeback on Inkigayo with “Man Should Laugh” + 8eight “Close That Lip” Goodbye Stage

Homme makes their second comeback with “Man Should Laugh” on today’s Inkigayo! Watch their fun and exciting stage below! Also, check out 8eight’s goodbye stage. 8eight – Close That Lip (Goodbye Stage)

110723 Homme makes a comeback on Music Core with “Man Should Laugh” + 8eight “Close That Lip” Goodbye Stage

Despite being a project group, Homme (2AM’s Changmin and 8eight’s Lee Hyun) had a spectacular run last summer with their debut song ‘Was Able To Eat Well’. Hoping for another hit, the group recently returned with ‘Man Should Laugh‘. Produced by hitman bang (Bang Shi Hyuk), the song is upbeat, but at the same time, … Continue reading

110719 Leehyun and Joohee at Shimshimtapa

  Leehyun and Joohee at Shimshimtapa (Gyuri & Shindong). As to why BaekChan wasn’t there, I have no idea. credit: http://fuckyeah8eight.tumblr.com/ re-upload: 8eightcafe    

[TWITTER] 110703-15 8EIGHT Twitter updates

Hey guys I decided to post up 8eight’s twitter updates, translations or no translations. I’ll most likely be posting tweets with images. If I can find any translations, I’ll be sure to post them. Click on the images to make them bigger! 110703 Lee Hyun – thehyun11: 귀엽죠 ㅋㅋㅋ머리끈이래요^^ 110706 Baek Chan – 8EIGHTchan: 역시 … Continue reading

110715 8eight – Close That Lip @ MTV’s ‘The Show’

Check out 8eight’s performance of ‘Close That Lip’ on this week’s episode of MTV’s ‘The Show’.

110714-15 8eight – Close That Lip performances @ M!Countdown & Music Bank

Watch and enjoy 8eight’s latest performances on M!Countdown and Music Bank! 🙂 110714 M!Countdown 110715 Music Bank

[TWITTER] 110711 Joohee receives a gift from Sweet Voice

고마워요 고운음!!!ㅜㅜ냠냠 translation: Thank you Sweet Voice!!! ㅜㅜ NyamNyam

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