110721 Homme comeback on M!Countdown + ‘Man Should Laugh’ jacket photo shoot episode

Due to their great success last year with ‘I Was Able To Eat Well’, they are back with a new hit, ‘Man Should Laugh’. They released their single on July 19th and their music video on the 18th. Check out their performance below. Also check out the guys goofing off and taking their pictures for … Continue reading

110714-15 8eight – Close That Lip performances @ M!Countdown & Music Bank

Watch and enjoy 8eight’s latest performances on M!Countdown and Music Bank! ๐Ÿ™‚ 110714 M!Countdown 110715 Music Bank

110630-110701 8eight – Close That Lip performances from M!Countdown and Music Bank

I forgot to post yesterday’s performance so I’m posting along with today’s performance, sorry about that. First, is the performance from yesterday’s Mnet M!Countdown. Their song seems to be in the Top 10! That’s really exciting!! Let’s hope that they win an award soon! ๐Ÿ˜€ Watch the performance below. The next performance is from today’s … Continue reading

8eight makes a comeback on M! Countdown

Talented groupย 8eightย has returned to the music scene with the release of their mini album,ย โ€œEightโ€, and their title track, โ€œClose That Lipโ€œ, on todayโ€™sย Mnetย M! Countdown. Composed byย Park Sun Joo, the song is supported by 8eightโ€™s amazing vocals andย Don Spikeโ€™s sophisticated arrangements. Fans are mostly used to the 8eight that sings ballads, but they will see a … Continue reading

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