8eight celebrate their 4th Anniversary + Joo Hee thanks fans.

8eight celebrate their 4th anniversary a little late. Their anniversary was on August 25. It’s already been 4 years since their debut and Joohee thanks the fans on twitter. joohee9: 너무늦었어요~고마워요고운음!!!! yfrog.com/h0pokbfj translation: It’s really late~ Thank you Sweet Voice!!!! joohee9: 한장더!!! yfrog.com/gzc20jamj translation: One more photo!!! credit: fuckyeah8eight@tumblr               Advertisements

[TWITTER] 110711 Joohee receives a gift from Sweet Voice

고마워요 고운음!!!ㅜㅜ냠냠 translation: Thank you Sweet Voice!!! ㅜㅜ NyamNyam

8eight Cafe: NOW HIRING!

Hello Sweet Voice! As you know, I just started updating this blog last month. I have been updating it myself and I would really like some help. 8eight has been getting more popular these days and they are getting more fans. So what can you, as fans, do? You can help me keep this blog … Continue reading

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